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Field Of Stone


“One of the greatest unsung voices in British music”
Record Collector Magazine

“In this day and age, when it seems substance and quality is surely lacking in popular culture, it is refreshing to hear music full of soul and passion”
Sea of Tranquility.org

“Mutter Slater has been blessed with one of the finest voices of British rock”
Original Rock.net

“Mutter has one of the great voices of British rock…and he writes a mean song too”
Billy Bragg


Many people who have heard MSB play would agree but the overriding emotion that lingers and taken home in the heart after a sweat-drenched performance is joy. The infectious joy shared by six musicians at the height of their powers playing the music they love.

MSB’s music is slippery when it comes to categorisation. You think you hear traces of 60s soul or possibly blues when hints of heartland rock make an appearance and a nod towards country music can easily be confounded by a psychedelic wig out. Mutter’s addiction to ‘a half-decent tune’ and the band playing what comes naturally are the main consistencies and there is always and ever will be the joy.


Mutter Slater – Lead Vocal & Rhythm Guitar
Chris Cleaver – Lead Guitar & Backing Vocal
Clive Ashley – Saxophone
Tom Hughes – Keyboards
Dan Wheeler – Drums & Backing Vocal
Laurie Higgins – Bass Guitar