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Title : Absobloodylutely
Release Date : 17th April 2014
Format : CD

With the 2014 CD release of Absobloodylutely, Mutter further establishes himself as a solo artist. Backed by a tight rock band, the songs on Absobloodylutely offer a variety of late period Mutter music: one part pop, one part tin pan alley, vaudeville and even cabaret. Speaking about his band Mutter Slater tells mwe3, “We’ve only been together a year or two, but I agree that it sounds nice and tight. That is down to the musical experience, pedigree if you like, of the individual members.” Balancing the solid rock and pop vibe of Absobloodylutely, some of the tracks are more soulful and R&B tinged but each of these tracks accurately reflects the many talents of long time British pop maestro Mutter Slater. A 21st century pop/rock masterpiece from Stackridge icon Mutter Slater, Absobloodylutely brings the classic Stackridge rock sound alive and kickin’ into the 21st century.


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