You’ve told me ’bout your heartache and how your man is letting you down,
He’s creakin’ like an old gate and chasin’ every woman in town,
He’s not the man he was, he doesn’t walk the dog,
And sanctifies the bedroom with the smell of oily sock.
Why are you talkin’ to me? Why are you talkin’ to me?
Why are you talkin’ to me? Does it look as if I care?

It wasn’t long ago when I was the one letting you dow
Walking round on eggshells. Guessing – a smile? a frown?
I’m not the man I was, you’ve learned that to your cost,
I’m grinning like an idiot now that I’m the boss.

Women are from Venus, men are from the wrong side of the tracks.
That distance in between us, there’s no way of getting it back.

I’m sorry for your heartache, but your the one who threw me to the street,
Followed by my laundry, my fanzines and Dylan’s lost EP.
I’m walkin’ out that door before you start to bawl
You played me for a sucker I ain’t coming back for

Copyright: Mutter Slater 2015


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