See the woman walking down the street, sister lives at 39,
She’s got a son, a real celebrity, he’s on telly all the time,
Selling plastic nails for babies’ feet out on Channel Gottabuy,
He’s the golden one with screaming teeth and a sleeper through his eye.
Absobloodylutely, I’m falling under their spell,
Absobloodylutely, I’m buying everything they sell.

Hear the wise man on the late night show, he’s an expert in his field,
What it is I can’t really say, but he is such a lovely build.
He’s been seen out with that green eyed blonde, she used to be with whatshisname.
Hear the wise man on the late night show. What exactly is he saying?

See the lowlife on the TV screen, all that fat it’s so grotesque,
They can hardly walk and they can barely breathe and their rooms are such a mess.
Clock the ASBO on the mantelpiece and the dog bowl full of fags,
See the lowlife throw their lives away, come on everybody laugh.

Copyright Mutter Slater 2011



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