A Little More Daylight

As Spring approaches so does another MSB album.

The Crown etc 009Hello again. We have posted a new video. Another song from our set last December at The Fiddlers in Bristol, England. I know we already have a version of Absobloodylutely posted but, another day produces a different feel, besides which Clive plays another blinding sax solo. We hope you enjoy it.

We have not been idle despite our lack of gigs. Our time has been well spent in the studio working on the follow up to ‘Absobloodylutely’. The new album promises to be a corker featuring nine new songs (and maybe a cover or two) showcasing the prodigious talents of my friends and colleagues in the band. We’ll keep you posted as to a release date and other snippets of news MSB related.
In the meantime I wish you well,


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