Welcome to 2016

With a new year comes the new Mutter Slater web site where all things pertinent and impertinent to the man and his music are exposed. The close of 2015 saw MSB supporting Stackridge at both Eype Arts Centre, Dorset and The Fiddlers, Bristol. Our set at the latter was recorded both visually and aurally so one of our first hopes for this year is to present you with a quality video of one or three songs from that set. Watch this space as they say. A little later we envisage the completion of our next album which is already well under way. More will be revealed as studio time elapses. Meanwhile peruse the site and marvel at its wonders.


Mutter & Chums @ The Crown, Bridport.

Mutter & Chums @ The Crown, Bridport.

Pip! Pip! Mutter.

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